By Daniel Hunter

Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans that will see the long-term unemployed having to undertake work placements in return for their benefits.

From April, people who are jobless after being on the work programme will face three options, including community work, or face losing benefits.

Osborne will announce the plans at the Conservative Party conference, which starts today (Monday).

Labour said it was proof the coalition's main welfare-to-work scheme - set up two years ago - had failed.

In his speech to the party conference in Manchester, the chancellor is expected to say that while the government will not "abandon" the long-term unemployed, no-one will be able to get something for nothing.

Those who have been out of work for a long time will have to work hard to find a job, he will say.

"For the first time, all long-term unemployed people who are capable of work will be required to do something in return for their benefits to help them find work," Mr Osborne will say.

"They will do useful work to put something back into their community; making meals for the elderly, clearing up litter, working for a local charity.

"Others will be made to attend the job centre every working day. And for those with underlying problems, like drug addiction and illiteracy, there will be an intensive regime of help.

"No-one will be ignored or left without help. But no-one will get something for nothing."

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