Today is International Women’s Day. But before you start to sigh and roll your eyes at yet another one of those “national popcorn” or “national bad poetry” type of days (yes, they really do exist!), pause for a second.

International Women’s Day is an important and well-established event that everyone should pay attention to. It dates back as far as 1909, and in its current guise represents a chance for everyone to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women the world over.

Our contribution? Well, as we work for a company that helps people become successful entrepreneurs it was only fitting to look at the theme of women and entrepreneurship. And what better than a bit of debate. Which is why we’ve created this infographic on “Women Vs. Men in Entrepreneurship”.

You’ll find information and statistics on gender equality, the gender pay gap, female and male entrepreneurship, and much more. If you enjoy it, please feel free to share.

Women vs. Men

By Jennifer Sandström, Samuli Suomalainen and John Hills, marketing team at Zervant