By Daniel Hunter

Sir Roger Carr, CBI President, has said, in response to the two-year update on boardroom diversity, that certain barriers still need to be removed.

The Cranfield School of Management report shows that while the proportion and number of female directors in FTSE continues to increase, the rate of increase has slowed over the past six months.

“Greater diversity improves atmospherics, dynamics and decision-making in British boardrooms. Businesses can only secure the best available individuals if they look at the widest pool of candidates," Sir Roger said.

“These figures show if we are to remove blockages in the pipeline of female talent development business leaders must roll up their sleeves and redouble their efforts to improve recruitment, mentoring and succession planning.

“Tokenistic EU quotas will do nothing to address the root causes of this issue. It is critical we nurture a diverse talent base right from the bottom to the top of our companies to hone our competitive edge.”

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