By Ben Simmons

An influential report is published today has announced progress being made in the battle to increase the number of females on the boards of FTSE 100 companies.

The report, which is authored by the Cranfield School of Management, announced that women now hold 15.6% of directorships on FTSE 100 boards. Out of the 190 appointments made to FTSE 100 company boards, 47 were women.

Carmen Watson, Managing Director of Pertemps Network Group, argues that, whilst practical steps should be taken to boost female representation in boardrooms, quotas are not the answer

“Although we should be encouraged at the steady progress taking place at director level, we need to ensure there is a diverse pipeline of talent to continue to fill these positions in future. Women already have the capabilities to break through into the boardroom in larger quantities and need the support of much more progressive working conditions instead of being handed positions through quotas.

Watson continues: “It’s certainly healthy that we’re having the debate about whether quotas are needed to generate more female directors. However, using positive action this way could create tension among executives who have reached their position on merit alone, and this ultimately does a disservice to the many talented women we have in the UK.

Businesses are starting to realise that change needs to be brought about but until proven strategies are introduced on a widespread basis, the change will never be significant or sustainable.”

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