By Claire West

William Hague’s comments over the weekend that bosses should stop "complaining" about the economy and work harder are further evidence that this government is as out of touch with enterprise as it is with ordinary people.

In response Adam Marshall, director of policy at business organisation the British Chambers of Commerce, told the BBC:

"Businesses up and down the country are busting a gut to find new growth opportunities, both at home and around the world. To borrow a phrase from a politician, businesses are already 'straining every sinew' to deliver growth. And many companies, both large and small, think that government could do more.”

Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna said that this government is; “now trying to dump the blame on business for their economic incompetence.”

But hold on one moment — let’s not forget that this was William Hague speaking — the same William Hague that:

Admitted that he "occasionally" shared a hotel room with 25-year-old Christopher Myers whom he employed as a parliamentary special adviser.

Endorsed the soon-to-be-jailed Jeffrey Archer as the Conservative candidate for the post of Mayor of London.

Was influenced by the "compassionate conservatism" ideology of George W. Bush.

Visited a theme park with his Chief of Staff Sebastian Coe wearing baseball caps emblazoned with the word 'HAGUE'

Boasted that he used to drink 14 pints a day.

Best pay no attention to the Member of Parliament for Richmond Yorkshire — but if you do want to send him a message his email is