By Maximilian Clarke

The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, the union representing London Underground workers, has lent its weight to November 30th’s Industrial Day of Action, though no further train or tube strikes have been announced.

TSSA members will be striking in Northern Ireland on the 30th, and the union has been actively encouraging other members from across the UK to join in the day of action:

“Your union is calling on you to take part in the action and to stand shoulder to shoulder with your work colleagues to defend your pension,” read a TSSA press statement from the 23rd. “By sticking together we can show that as a union we are strong. We are also encouraging members to speak to their colleagues about the dispute and to get them to join TSSA.”

No further action by the TSSA has been scheduled, and London Underground is expected to operate as usual despite widespread chatter on social networks about ‘Tube Strikes’. TSSA have lent their full support to the strikes, though tube drivers and workers from other crucial transport networks have not announced their intention to join in the day of strikes.

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