By Claire West

Vaughan Smith who founded the Frontline Club in London, an institution to champion independent journalism, was in court today to support Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Smith said; “I attended court today to offer my support for Julian Assange of Wikileaks on a point of principle.

“In the face of a concerted attempt to shut him down and after a decade since 9/11 that has been characterised by manipulation of the media by the authorities, the information released by Wikileaks is a refreshing glimpse into an increasingly opaque world.

I am suspicious of the personal charges that have been made against Mr Assange and hope that this will be properly resolved by the courts. Certainly no credible charges have been brought regarding the leaking of the information itself.

I can confirm that Mr Assange has spent much of the last several months working from our facilities at the Frontline Club. Earlier today I offered him an address for bail.”

Jemima Khan, film director Ken Loach and Campaigning journalist John Pilger were also in court in support of Assange and all were prepared to stand surety for his bail.