By Nick James, Fresh Business Thinking

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Having video on your website will increase your search traffic — as Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube it is hardly surprising that sites with video rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Looking for a mix of media is called blended search, and the better your mix is, the better seach engines respond to it.

An online video will also increase ‘dwell’ time on your website as people sit down and let it roll — our own site www.freshbusinessthinking.com has seen ‘dwell’ time increase from 6 minutes to a staggering 18 minutes as a result of video!

Businesses that are ahead of the ‘online’ curve understand that having great content on their website is imperative and also understand that not only do search engines like video but also that video can be a great medium for communicating to their target audience.

Video is really useful as a tool to explain something that might be complex or difficult to explain by words alone. It’s a medium that we are completely comfortable with as we have all grown up with films, cartoons, TV and cinema.

In 2009, online advertising in the UK overtook television expenditure for the first time and this is important news for small and medium-sized businesses as 'online' levels the playing field.

For small and medium-sized businesses, getting on the first page of the major search engines is crucial because it directs all of the customers to you, rather than your direct competitors. Video can help you achieve this.

Whereas a TV ad was out of the question, an online video is affordable, measurable and effective.

Adding a video to your website will give you more chance of being found online, and will also allow you to deliver an informative yet snappy, high-quality video to a worldwide audience.

There are many businesses offering to produce online videos and indeed the equipment needed is now relatively inexpensive and therefore allows companies to produce DIY videos.

At Fresh Business Thinking we specialise in creating videos for businesses of all sizes and for a surprisingly low investment, we can also help ‘optimise’ the video for ‘search’, host it on our site and provide customers with an embedded version for their own sites.

Additionally we can help you create a channel on YouTube to further promote your business and communicate with customers.

If we can help – or you’d like a chat drop us a line at video@freshbusinessthinking.com

Alternatively if you book a delegate ticket to our next internet marketing event - the Online Business Makeover - by 24th February we will produce a free video interview with your CEO or spokesperson and host it on our site for a year (usual price £995). Simply visit www.onlinebusinessmakeover.eventbrite.com to book your ticket, and we’ll get in touch after 24th February.

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