By Jonathan Bird, Managing Director of WarehouseDating.com

Social media is a fantastic free tool to use for marketing your business, it’s a gigantic place filled with different people with different interests. Which is why targeting your market is not only something you can do, but something you should do to insure success.

Advertising is the same across platforms

As with print advertising, when advertising your business, to get the best results you would advertise in the publications that your target audience would read. The same goes for social media. Because the internet is such a massive place there are websites to suit almost every single niche, meaning that people who are say, interested in fishing, would be able to frequent websites dedicated to that hobby. These websites will all usually have dedicated social media accounts that will tweet about their business and any announcements in their own particular niche.

This makes targeting your audience crucial when it comes to social media because when you start advertising your business on social media, you will have an entire community, that’s interested in what it is you’re advertising, right there for you to advertise to. This will yield far greater results than just spreading your name anywhere and everywhere all over social media in the hopes that someone who reads is interested in what you’re offering at that particular time.

Create a Community

Another reason to target your marketing on social media, is that fans of what it is you’re advertising will seek you out, as will other like-minded individuals who will then talk to each other about your business and their common interests. This will result in a community that will grow, from word of mouth and trending articles. The more people you have reading and commenting and sharing your posts, the more people will see it and the higher it will rank in search engines, resulting in even more people seeing it.

Social media advertising is the same as regular advertising. You want to make sure that you’re advertising to people who are not only interested, but want what it is you’re selling. This does mean that some homework needs to be done beforehand to plan out exactly what social media sites and what hashtags to use, in the case of twitter so that you can hop on relevant conversations where you will be welcomed rather than shunned as spam and get your name and/or product out there to the people who want what you’re selling.