By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and owner of Energy PR

Lord Sugar may not have the sweetest tongue when it comes to the media. Indeed he appears to spend much of his time on Twitter talking down journalists, taking a poke at newspapers and nurturing his ‘business bully-boy’ TV reputation. He even devotes a chapter in his latest book, ‘The Way I See It,’ to bashing some media players – hardly a smart PR move!

However, the act of publishing a book demonstrates that he absolutely ‘gets’ some aspects of PR. Not least he values the notion of using a bigger PR device, like a book, to build and enhance your reputation.

Now, not all of you reading this will be able to publish a book on your sphere of expertise, (though with the advent of self publishing it is increasingly easy). However there are many other PR tools and tactics you can use to enhance your reputation as an expert, authority or market leader – here are a few...

- Enter awards – or run your own!

- Publish expert guides

- Carry out research

- Write blogs

- Host roundtable events

- Speak at conferences

In case you’re thinking this all sounds too much like hard work and only the likes of Lord Sugar, who has already made his millions, will have the time to do this, here are some commercial reasons why you should bother to promote your authority and expertise:

Why do market authority, leadership and expertise matter?

- People like to buy from experts.

- They are more likely to trust leaders and experts.

- People will pay more for expertise.

- Commercial partners like to work with market leaders and experts.

- Investors are much more confident to invest in companies who are aiming to be, and behave like, market leaders and experts.

- Potential staff like to work for the market leaders & experts.

So, while I don’t necessarily urge you to emulate Mr Sugar in every PR respect, I hope you’re ‘fired-up’ enough to have a serious think about what bigger PR tactics will fit with your business.

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