Image: ASOS Image: ASOS

According to a recent article published by Marketing Week, ASOS reported 3.2 million downloads of its app over the past six months, with mobile now accounting for 50% of its sales.

In the very same article, chief executive Nick Beighton provided a brief insight into what channels have been used to obtain this level of success, touching on the roles of YouTube, Snapchat and content marketing in attracting new customers.

With all success stories there are lessons to be learnt, and here ASOS demonstrates the real role both digital and mobile can play in connecting with a wider target audience and driving new sales.

So many businesses are aware of the different marketing channels that are available, and particularly the growing importance of mobile, but how many actually use them to support and drive an overarching sales strategy?

Let’s take the example of YouTube. ASOS has created thousands of unique videos featuring different style icons, fashion ideas and behind the scenes footage. Understanding that video will soon account for a vast proportion of consumer internet traffic, ASOS has cleverly replicated its branding and culture throughout all video content, inspiring web users to create the same look, to check out the website and ultimately to purchase new products. In addition, this content is shared across all relevant social media channels targeted by demographic – which is where Snapchat comes in to play.

What’s most refreshing here is that the ASOS marketing team have evidently spent the right amount of time and money investing in persona research – understanding exactly what channels their typical buyers use, and what sort of content and visual imagery engages them most.

So, what can be taken from ASOS to improve your digital marketing strategy?

  • Video is growing in popularity by the day – and no matter what industry you’re in, it will increase your customer engagement.
  • Ensure you focus on mobile as part of your digital marketing strategy: how do you know how important it is until you’ve really invested the time and budget into creating campaigns specifically for the mobile user?
  • Assess your social media presence: are you using the right channels? Are you experiencing much engagement from your recent content? Do you post at the right times of day for your audience?
  • Create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that provides your target audience with unique and relevant content on a regular basis. Aside from supporting your SEO effort, unique content will increase customer engagement, resulting in sales.
  • Utilise as many relevant channels as possible to reach your target audience – it’s time to think outside the realms of Facebook and Twitter.

By Mark Wright, Director, Climb Online