By Daniel Hunter

When you cross a nation of shoppers with widespread broadband access to a 24 hour online high street, it doesn’t take the British retailers long to learn how to excel at setting out their online stalls even in a recession.

The poor trading conditions of 2012 saw high levels retail insolvency for both well-known chain stores and small specialist retailers and has left many shops in a precarious and critical condition.

For many of the retailers who have been able to survive and adapt one of the common characteristics has been their ability to quickly become skilled online shopkeepers too.

According to IMRG the UK’s industry association for online retail several important factors are likely to lead to a 12% growth in online spending in 2013 from the already staggering £78bn spend in 2012 to an amazing estimated £87 billion this year.

Double the appetite for online shopping of most of our European neighbours, high broadband penetration, a sophisticated and developed UK retail market, and fast growing use of mobile devices to shop (accounting for 12% of e-retail sales in 2012*) all help to create a vibrant new virtual high street that’s populated by adaptable British retailers of all sizes and types.

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