By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

Who do you think has the most influence - Stephen Fry or the Kardashian family. It is close, but Khloe Kardashian comes out on top. Stephen Fry is sandwiched between her and Kim Kardashian.

Maybe Biz Stone would like to swap places.

According to new analysis by Social Media Guru, Dan Zurrella studies the click through rates of celebrity twitter accounts.

By studying the click through rates - the number of times a tweeted link is clicked - Zarella was able to graph celebs influence on their followers.

Some of the names on that chart are not surprising, like Ashton Kutcher, but others, like Stephen Fry and "weird Al' Yankovic may come as a surprise.

The Kardashian sisters may gain more clicks by distributing more provocative, 'must see now' pictures online, whereas others may have deeper messages. Zarrella says Alyssa Milano is a favourite example as she has less than followers than most of the others, but proportionately drives huge traffic.

Zarrella's findings echo a recent HP Labs study, which showed that influence online, had more to do with how much users could be swayed from the passive to the active.

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