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When I ask people what personality qualities and traits one needs to be an effective networkers the word ‘confident’ invariably comes up. But when I see extrovert outgoing people at events handing out their business cards by the ton, talking talking talking I think ‘You’re not a very good networker are you?’

These people love being the centre of attention, tend to do too much ‘interesting rather than interested', resulting in them going home having learned nothing.

You do have to believe you’re a nice person who has as much right to be at the event as anyone else. You have to give yourself a good talking to ensure you get yourself into the right state of mind as you enter the room.

My view is a good networker is someone who is:

• Enthusiastic about who they are, what they do and which company they represent. If, when you meet people, you’re not three times enthusiastic why should someone want to do business with you?

• Organised. Before attending events ask yourself the ‘who what where when why and how’ questions about the event beforehand

• A nice person. People will like you when you’re nice; a word we were asked to avoid when we wrote essays at 7 years old but we all know what it means

• Generous. Too often people attend events think ‘What’s in it for me’. When the thinking is ‘How can I help you’ and ‘Who would be a good introduction for you' then people find a lot more support. The law of reciprocity is alive and well

• Reliable. After attending events the person who makes the promised call, sends the article mentioned in the conversation or makes the valuable introductions to others will build liking and trust quickly

• Persistent. This is good; pestering and being pushy is bad. The best way to avoid the bad is to always ask permission to keep in touch and offer the escape route if you don’t think there is interest. Unless they don’t like you, you should always think ‘not yet’ rather than ‘no never’.

• Patient. It takes time to build trust so take the relationship forward slowly. Keep in touch, send useful information regularly and be prepared to wait.

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