By Jonathan Davies

Sajid Javid has been named as the new business secretary by Prime Minister David Cameron, following the ousting of the Lib Dems at the general election.

Mr David's is a name you may already recognise. That's because he has an impressive track record during his short time as an MP.

The 45-year old was elected as MP from Bromsgrove in 2010, following the resignation of Julie Kirkbride after the expenses scandal.

He made a quick impression, resulting in his appointment as Economy Secretary to the Treasury in September 2012. Thirteen months later, Sajid Javid was promoted to Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

In April 2014, David Cameron appointed him to Minister for Equalities and Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. He was the first MP elected in 2010 to be appointed to the cabinet, and became the first British-Pakistani MP to lead a government department.

And big things are expected of Sajid Javid in the future. A survey by ConservativeHome in December 2014 identified him as the "Conservative to Watch in 2015". And in July 2014, Forbes magazine compared Mr Javid to Barack Obama and tipped him to become the next Prime Minister.

The 2014 GG2 Power List ranked Javid as the most influential British Asian, and at the event, David Cameron described him as "the brilliant Asian man who I asked to join the Cabinet". He also said "I want to hear that title 'Prime Minister' followed by a British Asian name".