By Daniel Hunter

The average Premiership footballer earns an hourly rate of almost 20 times a typical GP and ten times the Prime Minister, according to a unique new take on British salaries.

Instead of looking at overall annual wage scale, freelance website PeoplePerHour has worked out, as its name suggests, the average hourly rates for UK professionals.

And it provides a graphic illustration of just how much everyone from supermodels to firefighters earn for every hour they actually put in to their job, it claims.

Top of the tree are the superstars — actors like Johnny Depp who can earn more than £10,000 for every hour he spends working and writers like JK Rowling who earn royalties which means she rakes in up to £6,000 for every hour spent toiling on a Harry Potter book.

Supermodels like Kate Moss bring in a staggering £3,326 per hour because they get paid so much for what amounts to so little time on the job.

While at the bottom of the comprehensive list of professions are waiters who pull in just over £3 for each hour they work as they often work long hours and overtime for not much reward.

The last decade has seen a growing number of workers who have gone freelance which means they are available for hire by the hour rather than full or even part time.

As a result, Britain's wage packets are no longer defined as merely a weekly or monthly salary but by what can be earned for a single hour's work, said the research.

For many state-run professions, from nurses to civil servants, the typical week is 37 hours but for others it is not so simple.

Footballers, for instance, work much longer hours during the season than out of season yet get paid throughout.

However, it means with an average Premiership player's salary of £1m it means they earn the equivalent of £822 per hour worked.

MPs earn less than the typical GP who, in turn, only earns half the hourly rate of the Prime Minister if wages are calculated on the basis of an hourly rate.

In the changing face of employment, those who earn less per hour are not always worse off, particularly if they are in professions where it is possible to clock up the hours.

This can include hard-working self employed designers, engineers, architects and computer programmers to the white van man army of tradesmen and women.

List of professionals and what they earn for every hour they actually work (as calculated by PeoplePerHour)

Actor - Johnny Depp - £10,841.68
Author - JK Rowling - £6,144.34
Tennis Player - Andy Murray - £4,338.10
Super Model - Kate Moss - £3,326.45
Premier League Footballer (average) - £822.07
Celebrity - Jonathan Ross - £562.94
Prime Minister - £80.24
Directors and Chief Execs of major organisations - £63.15
Army Colonel — £45.78
Airline pilot - £40.29
GP (Medical Practitioner) - £39.39
MP - £37.01
Brokers, Financial and Insurance - £30.93
Financial Managers £30.37
Public Service Administrative Professionals - £27.77
Solicitors and Lawyers - £25.09
Marketing and Sales manager - £24.87
Train Driver - £23.95
University lecturer - £23.80
Policeman - £21.91
Advertising Exec - £21.50
Management Consultants/Statisticians - £21.40
Architects - £20.48
Software Professionals - £20.46
Management accountants - £20.19
Chartered/Certified accountants - £20.02
Secondary School teachers - £19.80
Financial advisor - £18.44
Primary/Nursery teachers - £18.14
Creative director - £17.92
Head Teachers - £17.65
Fireman - £16.74
Electrician - £16.55
Journalist (print) - £15.92
Nurse - £14.98
PR executive - £14.55
Sales chief - £14.50
Stevedores, dockers - £14.04
Bus/Coach Driver -£12.14
Builder - £11.95
Ambulance driver - £11.02
Gardener - £9.70
Cook - £7.97
Army (new entrant, lower ranks) - £7.96
Receptionists - £6.50
Waiter - £3.17