By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator Of PrPro And Owner Of Energy PR

If I said “I know a great telecoms engineer, he knows everything about the latest handsets, the rules and regulations about phone installation, ISDN, fibre optics... you really ought to ask him to answer your phones and make all your phone calls” for you you’d think I was mad!

Yet when it comes to twitter I increasingly see companies making that muddle headed decision. They assume twitter is all about clever trickery and understanding the ‘technology’ rather than conversation. I need a twitter expert I hear people say.

"No you don’t!" I inwardly scream!

Let me give you a job description for the person you need.

You need someone who:

- Understands your business and brands

- Understands the business plan what you’re trying to achieve

- Knows the people you are trying to reach and influence

- Knows about your company’s news, latest developments

- Understands your company’s personality

- Can spell

- Is a good conversationalist – someone you’d comfortably leave talking to a customer for a few minutes and trust them not to say anything crass

- Someone who can influence what is hosted on your website (i.e. can make suggestions that will be listened to)

- Loves the company and really believes in what you do

Note how this list is not a technical spec. Someone who knows all about twitter in a tricksy, technical way but knows nothing about you, your business, your brands, your prospects will be almost worthless. The sort of person who tells you how to get masses of followers by a shortcut is a LIABILITY not an asset! You don’t want loads of automated twitter accounts following your business – what’s the value in that?!

You don’t need an expert, you need some passion. Twitter is a conversational tool. It should be in the hands of the people who are best at talking about you, your business and your brands.

That may be you or one of your team (with a bit of training), it may be your PR or marketing agency...but it most certainly isn’t that techie-twitter whizz! So next time one approaches you, picture a telecoms engineer making your phone calls.

If you want to handle twitter in-house I also provide very low-cost training to get companies started. Here’s more about the twitter training I provide for people looking to DIY their twitter.

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