By Saf Ali, Managing Director Of Key Properties

Saf is a firm believer of promoting from within to create a happy, fulfilled team and a thriving business. He advises:

'When recruiting senior roles there are various channels that can be taken; agencies, online ads, word of mouth. However, the best person for the job is quite often much closer to home'.

Promotion from within is not only a cost effective and trouble-free road to take, but it reaps the best long-term rewards for the company and its team too. It’s simple to match the right person for the job and they already have a firm understanding of the company and their role, meaning training will be minimal'.

‘A promoted employee is able to immerse themselves in their new job role immediately — having experience of the company means that the employee has sufficient knowledge of how it works and client relationships have already been established, making for more efficient progress. Equally, relationships are already strong with other profit centres within the company — subsidiaries, parent companies etc'.

‘Having under-the-skin knowledge of the company will help the employee to contextualise their decision making and they can easily incorporate the values of the business into everything they do. This is especially important in an entrepreneurial company where the ethos of what they do is channelled down strongly and has great bearing on how business is carried out'.

‘A colleague’s [b[promotion[/b] motivates the team around them; if there is seen to be scope for promotion within a company, work rate increases and jobs will be done to their highest quality. Knowing that the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder is available fosters motivation and commitment: staff members are encouraged to stay with the company rather than seeking employment elsewhere, leading to a strengthened work force — one who works together coherently, efficiently and enthusiastically'.

'At Key, we actively promote from within as often as possible, in fact one of Key’s current directors started life with the company just seven years ago as an admin assistant and worked her way up to the prestigous role she now holds. We’re committed to staff development: whether that’s mentoring schemes, ongoing professional development in terms of external courses, or simply an open door policy where team members feel free to air their ambitions for the future. As a result of this policy, we have a minimal staff turnover and team who go the extra mile'.

Saf Ali, managing director of Key Properties - www.keypropertiesuk.com, one of the North West’s leading lettings and property management companies

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