We’re often reminded to take time out of our busy lives to set clear personal goals and remind ourselves of our wider ambitions, in the hope they will change our lives for the better. But how often do we do employ the same practice in business?

Consider the following goals that could lead your company to doing things differently and help to maximise results.

Make the most of your budget

Does the rent your company pays on commercial real estate make up an untenable percentage of its outgoings? How do surfeit meeting rooms, or the office’s prime, city centre location affect the cost? Headcount also comes into the office cost equation – does every employee need a fixed desk? Research we commissioned showed that 55% of desks are empty at any one time, indicating that many firms are wasting money on unnecessary office space. Consider using flexible workspace to save money- this could help your business gain maximum advantage from existing assets, freeing up capital to reinvest in other ways and giving it a better chance of growth.

Embrace flexible working practices

The New Year marks the perfect time to shed out-dated ideas about fixed location working. Many people have access to the tools and technology that will allow them to work from anywhere these days, so why not give your staff a choice in where and how they work? Our research has shown that allowing staff to work from a location that suits them improves productivity, allowing them to avoid the energy-sapping daily commute.

Giving staff flexible working options also shows that you trust them, and by improving their work/life balance will make them more likely to stay with your organisation for longer. Make 2016 the year that your company embraces flexible working – it may well be the making of your business over the next 12 months.

Extend your reach to new customers

The beginning of a New Year is a great time for businesses to seize opportunities in other markets but companies can be wary of taking the plunge. Consider ways of achieving your goal without stretching your budget. To reach new customers, do you need to physically be in their city or country? Investigate call forwarding and mail services that allow you to dip your toes in other markets – including international ones – without spending a fortune.

Harness the power of Social Media.

With 4.2 billion people now using a mobile device to access social media on the move, it has never been more important for businesses to embrace the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you network on social media in a similar manner to how you do face-to-face, users will feel more engaged with your brand. Research from Social Media Today shows that 46% of web users use social media to help make purchasing decisions, so make sure your business is there to interact with them and you could reap the benefits.

Finally, commit to your resolutions.

Setting intentions for a more productive business life and not following through with them is in nobody’s interest. By evaluating your progress on a regular basis – having split big tasks into bite-sized, actionable items – you can hold yourself accountable to any size of plan, and soon you’ll have fulfilled the goals you set for your business.

By Richard Morris, CEO at Evans Easyspace