By Andy Barr, Managing Director, 10 Yetis

As a business, be that a consumer or trade-facing company, some of your customers may look for you on Facebook. They may want to ‘like’ your page, leave a review or just keep up to date with your updates, offers and general musings.

It’s so important, as a business, to have a presence on Facebook. If people look for your page and can’t find it, they will wonder why your brand isn’t up to speed on social media yet. They may question the longevity of your brand – are you just a fly by night business? Is it a trustworthy company?

Once you have a Facebook page set up for your business, there are certain traps you must not fall into. Having a badly run Facebook page can be even more damaging than not having one at all. So, what mistakes should you look to avoid?

Updates, what updates?
If you have a Facebook page for your business and never or hardly ever post anything on the page, you’re not doing anything to increase your likes or keep the people that already ‘like’ the page engaged. They’ll hit the ‘unlike’ button before you can say “please don’t go”.

Failure to engage
If you have updated your Facebook page with statuses and you receive comments from the people who ‘like’ your page, it’s a good idea to try and engage with them. Strike up a conversation, answer their questions or give them something to think about. Just don’t ignore them!

Complaint etiquette
If a customer decides that your Facebook page is the best place for them to air their complaint, tread very carefully when it comes to your response. You must remain professional and resist the temptation to get defensive or start up an argument. You don’t want to make any enemies and other people on the Facebook page observing your tiff could be put off.

Getting personal
Some brands continue to use personal Facebook pages for their businesses, despite the fact that Facebook launched pages for businesses and brands in 2007. This means that people looking for your page have to send a friend request if they want to get onboard and there’s no ‘like’ option. It’s also not at all professional and not what users will expect to find.

Being a bore
Don’t constantly post dull updates about your business or brand. The people liking your page will want and expect more. They won’t care if you’ve just bought a new printer for the office or if the water cooler is broken; share exciting updates, engaging content and even a funny picture of a cat every now and again if you must.