By Marcus Leach

Ajaz Ahmed, the man who built his own digital business, AKQA, from scratch before selling it to WPP, was the guest speaker at the Like Minds Business Breakfast today (Tuesday).

'What makes an organisation endure for decades?' was one of the main focuses of the book, Velocity, that he wrote with Stefan Olander. His talk at the breakfast centred around this, at a time when businesses come and go, and few endure.

According to Ahmed, in order for businesses to endure they need to adhere to certain 'rules'.

Democratising what's for the elite for everyone Mini were pioneers in their day, they made a car that was much more accessible to the masses, at a time when cars were mainly for the elite.

Take the pain away One of the reasons we love and respect certain companies is they 'take the pain away' and make everything so much easier. Take Amazon and their one-click payment option as a prime example. The simple will always displace the complex

Think the impossible There are companies who are always pushing the boundaries and making the impossible possible. Red Bull are one of the world leaders here, with Felix Baumgartner's space jump. These companies counter balance chaos, experimentation and creativity with operational excellence.

Do the right thing, not the convenient It might not always be the easiest option, but it is the right option for companies. You will never see anybody empty bins at Disney, as it would take away from the magic. Instead they have a system where bins empty under ground. This isn't convenient, but it is the right thing for their image and brand.

Showing that he isn't just a hard-nosed businessman, all of the proceeds from his book go to youth homeless and global healthcare charities, proving that there is more to Ahmed than meets the eye.

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