By Robert Craven, MD of The Directors' Centre

As I said to a potential consultancy client last week (she asked for honest feedback):

"Your business is like a rabbit frozen in the headlights, incapable of making a move or a decision, unable to move in one direction or another".

"You need to unfreeze, relax, take stock and weigh up the choices. With great speed you need to take the bold decision: left or right, up or down. Speed is of the essence. The consequences of making no decision are there for all to see. Do you want to be one more piece of roadkill for the statistics book?"

I apologised for my bluntness but the world seems to be dividing into the decisive and the indecisive, the bold and the meek. The brave and the stupid.

Yes, it is scary out there but we/I/you need to be clear about what we are doing and take clear, decisive action.

First things first.

Find out who your raving ambassadors are - the people who think your service is remarkable (and are not buying on price).

Ask them what they can do to help you get more business. They will tell you. This is certainly a starting point.

What decisions have you been avoiding making?

How will you benefit from putting them off?

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