By Claire West

Q. We are exhibiting at a Trade Show and I have been tasked with managing the event. What exactly is a shell scheme?

A. Shell scheme is a term used in the exhibition industry.

A shell scheme is a modular system supplied to many exhibitions in most cases by the exhibition organiser. A shell scheme system normally comes in one metre modules and can be built to just about any size.

Exhibition organisers usually arrange shell scheme stands for exhibitors who have less than 20 square metres of stand space.

In the majority of cases the shell schemes supplied by the exhibition organiser are very basic but with a little imagination a simple shell scheme can be enhanced and tailored to meet exhibitors’ objectives.

One way of making your shell scheme stand out from the crowd is to change the colour of the panels to match your corporate colours and then add simple graphics with strong messages.

Fresh Business Thinking Tip - Remember that at an exhibition you have about 3 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor so make sure that your message is sharp and to the point!

Carpet tiles, furniture and a company name board might be included in the shell scheme package provided by the exhibition organiser, the best way of checking is either to read the exhibition manual or call the organisers.

A traditional shell scheme consists of plywood panels on a softwood frame and is either painted or finished with a Velcro compatible material.

In North America a shell scheme is commonly known as a ‘Hardwall exhibit system’ and is not as common as in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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