By Ben Barney, Managing Director at Krooter

Selling your house is an expensive and painful process. Some of the costs, such as conveyancing and surveys, are justifiable from a price versus value perspective, but estate agents’ fees are harder to swallow.

As the demand from home buyers increasingly moves online to the likes of Zoopla and RightMove, the high street presence of agents is reduced to a marketing exercise to attract sellers. Indeed, if property websites allow sellers to privately list and market their house online, competition would open up beyond rival traditional agents and their disproportionate fees would inevitably tumble.

In recruitment, demand from job seekers also resides online, but unlike property sites, companies can list their vacancies direct with the job boards. However with literally hundreds of job boards, for the uninitiated, choosing the right one is a daunting prospect. To compound the problem, multiple job boards are required to cast the net wide enough to arrive at a suitable number of relevant candidates to interview. Getting this wrong can be both time consuming and expensive.

Krooter, the self-service recruitment platform that I run, incorporates possibly the largest selection of job boards in the UK, and through our proprietary algorithms, recommends the most suitable job boards for the vacancy. In other words, we take away the guesswork from recruiting online. Couple this with our buying power and we can offer our clients five job boards for the price of two bought direct.

Filtering out the time wasters and honing in on those with the highest chance of success is a valuable service provided by good agents in both property and recruitment. Krooter does not ignore the importance of this and through a combination of technology and the good old fashioned human touch, provides a shortlist of candidates which best meet the company’s requirements. We believe the hirer is in the best position to explain the role and their business to the candidate and ultimately identify qualities in those people they wish to work with.

If only someone could come up with the same end-to-end self-service options with house selling… now there’s an idea!