By Daniel Hunter

Every employees wants to have the dream boss. And every boss wants to be the dream boss. But what exactly does one look like?

According to research from, giving staff their birthday off and stocking the vending machine with free treats are two of the things that make someone a dream boss.

Focus groups of office workers found that giving their birthday off would be the number one thing towards making someone the perfect boss. Allowing staff to leave early on a Friday and a free gym membership made up the top three.

But a number of things on the list actually take place outside the office. A team spa day, tickets to sporting or music events, a decent Christmas party, buying the team a drink on Friday, cocktail masterclasses and company cars all feature in the top 25.

Here's the full list:

1. Giving birthdays off

2. Leaving early on a Friday

3. A free gym membership

4. A constant supply of office sweets

5. Vending machines with free drinks and snacks

6. Team spa day

7. Extra training courses

8. A voucher on your birthday

9. Time off around Christmas

10. Treating the team to lunch

11. Tickets to see sports

12. A decent Christmas party

13. Buying the team a round on a Friday

14. Taking employees on a cocktail masterclass

15. Bringing in donuts

16. Providing a fancy coffee maker

17. A weekly fruit delivery

18. Not banning social media

19. Free magazines

20. Brand new company cars

21. Smartphones all round

22. Provides a nap room

23. Yoga breaks

24. A year of paid parental leave for new mums and dads

25. Allowing flexible working hours and letting people work from home