By Hallane Hall, social media and consumer PR specialist, Energy PR

You have to hand it to The Golden Arches as they have completely swamped the media, social media, billboards and filled the tunnels at Stratford tube and beyond with great imagery! Their clever £10m 10-week campaign ‘We All Make the Games’ by Leo Burnett, which celebrates the people and special moments of the Olympics and Paralympics, is one no-one will miss during the games.

This very clever advertising campaign by McDonald’s has sprinted ahead of Procter & Gamble, British Airways and Samsung, just to name a few. Why is it so neat? It doesn’t focus on the athletes; instead the camera is turned on us - the British public - featuring fans up-close demonstrating their passion, cheering on the world's greatest athletes, and it is this that resonates with the audience they are targeting. We all go through these emotions when watching our favourite team(s) and this is what creates the atmosphere at the Games and tugs our heart strings — the sheer joy or absolute agony!

The TV advert, launched a month before the games, aimed to get the nation behind some of the people who will help make the games a great success, including… yes you have guessed it… The McDonalds Olympic Champion Crew. That’s the tangible link, which passes you by and makes the advert so clever to the naked eye — you watch it because it’s a super ad, while the subliminal messaging washes over you — I have no other words ... but I’m lovin’ it!

And this isn’t it…while the games are happening McDonald’s will be out there filming ‘us’ as we watch the games across the country (just make sure you’re not tucking into a Costa sandwich when the cameras come looking!). They are also integrating the advertising campaign into their other communications activity; inviting us to upload our own videos and photographs onto their Facebook page and the ‘best of the best’ will be incorporated into their new TV and outdoor advertising, which is a win win for social media — mass fans, mass images, mass messaging!

I appreciate that few businesses have such a huge budget to play with. So what can you learn from the McDonald’s campaign? I think there are 3 lessons for us all to draw on.

- Think about what really resonates with your end audience, something that will ‘get’ them at the emotional level. Even if you sell to other businesses, there is always an emotion behind the purchase — tap into that.

- Involve your staff in your marketing vision — after all they have to deliver the promise you are making to customers and they are an essential part of what makes your business special.

- Wherever possible get all of the communications tools working for you in a combined way — mainstream media, online, your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Again, even if you operate in a business niche you will be surprised how many of your customers and prospects are using the social channels for a business purpose.

Although not everyone thinks their burgers are the best — their campaign has undoubtedly won gold and yours can too.

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