By Marcus Leach

Samsung Electronics have today (Tuesday) announced the results of their 'Office Bugbears Research'.

According to a poll of over 1,500 office workers, colleagues’ irritating habits dominating the list of office bugbears, accounting for half of the top ten biggest irritations.

When asked what riles people most about office life, over two thirds (68%) of respondents chose slow IT systems (68%) with print delays caused by jams (42%) voted second.

However, unnecessary email traffic (39%) came in third, followed by colleagues talking too loudly on their phones (34%) and colleagues leaving the printer tray empty coming in at number five (27%).

Annoying mobile phone ring tones also featured in the list at number six (23%). It seems one should be cautious when choosing what to have for lunch as eating smelly food in the office annoyed almost one in five respondents (19%), and over 1 in 10 (12%) get annoyed by colleagues that never offer to make tea or coffee. In contrast, only 4% said that nothing in their office annoyed them.

Office Bugbears Top Ten

1. Slow IT systems (68%)

2. Print delays caused by jams (42%)

3. Unnecessary email traffic (39%)

4. Colleagues talking too loudly on their phones (34%)

5. Colleague leaving the printer tray empty (27%)

6. Annoying mobile ring tones (23%)

7. Being told to re-boot by IT support (20%)

8. Eating smelly food in the office (19%)

9. IT not working in meetings (19%)

10. Colleagues that never offer to make tea/ coffee (12%)

Despite user error when it comes to technology featuring highly in the nation’s top ten ‘Office Bugbears' it seems there is a ‘can’t live with it, can’t live without it’ attitude as respondents also admit technology will be vital to their office environment over the next 20 years.

The Internet and Wi-Fi (80%), computers (71%), email (68%), video conferencing (51%) and printers (45%) were all voted as office essentials when questioned about the equipment they think will still be in use in 20 years’ time.

“It’s really interesting to see this 'can't live with it, can't live without it' approach to technological developments from office workers in the UK," Dion Smith, General Manager, Print Samsung UK commented.

"It appears that all the fantastic benefits technology can bring to an office environment are being counteracted by its misuse and this needs to be addressed as content employees are at heart of every business.”

The Future

Workers were also forthcoming when it came to suggesting creative ways to combat these bugbears; for example almost a third (29%) would like most like to see the development of an automatic paper jam fixer, and 18% want self-refilling toner cartridges.

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