By Marcus Leach

A leading industrial roofing contractor Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd, who this year celebrate 25 years in operation, have announced the opening of their new office in Kent to service their expanding number of clients in the London area.

The new service centre, which is local to all London airports, will be managed by James Turner and Tom Litchfield who will look after business development and operations respectively. Both James and Tom have vast experience in the industrial roofing and commercial roofing sector and will cater to the growing number of clients Weatherproofing have accumulated in the south of England for their REALM ® asset management contract which provides 24 hour service 365 days of the year.

REALM ® provides repairs, maintenance, installation and whole life inspection regime for customers roof assets offering a comprehensive ‘full service history’ protective cover while providing a secure online portal where clients can access all aspects of their roof reports.

Weatherproofing Advisors were founded in 1987 with their main office in Glasgow and services centres in both St Helens and Newcastle where they have provided award winning service to clients across Britain. However, with the construction industry suffering from the current economic downturn Weatherproofing have had to look to the future of asset management to create a service which will enable them to continue the expansion of the company.

“Our Realm Roof management service client service has grown 142% in the last 12 months. We are delighted James and Tom will be looking after our fast growing REALM customer base in and around London," Chairman John Kelly said.

"Industries across Britain are looking for innovative and cost effective methods to develop their operations during a time of slow economic recovery and Weatherproofing can surely be seen to leading the way in roof management."

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