By Becky Lewis, Associate Director, Pencil PR

There’s no denying it – social media is becoming an ever more part of the 21st century business’ strategy. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that business owners are increasingly turning to Facebook to advertise their wares – and with more than 1 billion active users logging in several times a day, what better way to spread the word?

Consider this first: More than 1 million people spent $8 billion on advertising on Facebook in 2014 and it has grown over 680% as an offering since 2010. Therefore the opportunity to get more from your return on investment is huge – just think about what that could mean for your business.

Facebook is not particularly unique in terms of an advertising platform, but what it does offer is the opportunity to reach out to exactly the right people that you want. Facebook users fill in a lot of information about themselves and there is a lot of data that can be collected from that platform. Even basic information such as age, gender, location, etc., can be like gold dust in the world of advertising, because it allows you to target your message very specifically, therefore ensuring you have a better hit rate.

If you are considering using Facebook as a platform to advertise your business, have a think about what it is that you want to gain from the advertising. Is it more likers? More visits perhaps? Whatever it is you want from your advertising campaign, each of these has a metric value so you need to choose your main objective before you get started and make sure you stick with the goals you have outlined from the very beginning.

If you need more likers on your page and, let’s face it, what company page looks great with only a handful of likes, then a page liking objective is a great place to start – and it is certainly a much better alternative to buying followers on social media.

Make sure you include a clear call to action. After all, there is no point in advertising if your target audience can’t respond in the way you want them to. Also, make sure you are taking advantage of the fact that most Facebook users are active via the mobile app, as nearly half of Facebook activity is
conducted on mobile devices.

If you are considering advertising on Facebook, what better way to capture the attention of your audience than with Facebook Offers. This is when you promote a deal exclusively to Facebook users – it doesn’t have to be a product or service, it can simply be a whitepaper or ebook perhaps. You could even cross sell it so that your chosen offer can be redeemed in your bricks and mortar store.

In summary, if you are considering advertising on Facebook, think about what you want to achieve, give your customers a call to action and use offers to entice them on to your site.