By Peter Connell, Managing Director, Call Pro CRM

Thawing out the frosty reception from ‘quick hit’ cold calling is a must for today’s sales professional if they are to engage more meaningfully with an audience disillusioned with impersonal, ill-informed and generic sales approaches.

It’s why those in the know are embracing the potential of social selling, an approach that warms up the process by using and acting upon the wealth of material and information available through many social media channels.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and their subsequent follows, mentions and blog posts are the ultimate research tool giving the sales team a steer on their prospect’s likes and interests. It is the kind of insight that enables them to tailor and focus their approach accordingly and develop a layer of trust and familiarity, the core foundation of any successful sales process. A solid virtual relationship is created from which direct human contact is cemented.

Furthermore, using these channels in the sales and marketing process is the best means for fostering an ongoing dialogue with existing customers in real time while being a less intrusive way of staying in touch and up to speed with their changing requirements and emerging opportunities. It is success evidenced by the stellar results that reveal how sales reps employing this method are 79% more likely to attain their targets than those who don’t.

So you have the methodology, but now you need the means; even the most innovative ideas are still dependant on the right platform if they are to fully optimise their potential; step forward the latest CRM systems. Having evolved from their primary functions as account management tools, the new breed are multi-layered, all-encompassing systems that have the ability to fully integrate the sales with digital marketing, a far cry from earlier incarnations as simply sales automation tool.

It is a holistic approach that draws all the key elements from critical call and e-marketing features, campaign management and social media together in one place, in short providing the kind of technology which has a steer on some of the industry’s biggest players.

For small businesses who may assume their size and budgets would preclude them from this opportunity, there is good news. The latest offering is aimed squarely at this market helping them to reach a global audience far more effectively, in turn transforming their sales and marketing activity.

And with this technology set to evolve even further warming up the sales process has never been a hotter topic.