By Daniel Hunter

UK exporters should take inspiration from cartoon characters Wallace and Gromit — who have become a worldwide hit and showcased the country’s export talents, according to John Cridland, the CBI director-general.

Mr Cridland told the Daily Mirror that a focus on exporting in the UK’s strength areas is crucial for helping to lift it out of recession and back to growth.

“We need to get back to earning a living and the way to do that is to sell more of things that Britain makes so successfully,” he said.

“Germany exports five times as much as we do to China because it’s focused on selling things around the world.

“We can do that and we are beginning to do that. Just look at Jaguar Land Rover. We’re also renowned for our creativity.

"That’s why you have British architects designing airports in China, that’s why British films are box office smashes and that’s why Wallace and Gromit are world figures.”

In the interview with the Daily Mirror Mr Cridland also stressed the importance of medium-sized businesses, and a respected education system, to the UK’s economic wellbeing.

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