Image: Volkswagen Image: Volkswagen

Volkswagen has recalled more than 5,000 of its electric Golf cars in the US after discovering an issue with the battery that can cause the engine to switch off.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said a software problem was causing some e-Golf vehicles to stall. Volkswagen said local dealerships will install software updates to remove the issue.

The recall covers all e-Golf cars sold in the US since 2014.

Although the issue is not related to the emissions scandal, Volkswagen is already facing several lawsuits after it admitted fitting its diesel cars with a so-called 'defeat device' designed to cheat emissions tests. Partly prompted by the emissions scandal, Volkswagen has been stepping up its efforts to develop electric cars.

The German car maker said it first received complaints of engines stalling in early 2015, but received more as the year went on.

Last month, German media reported that US authorities had told the manufacturer to increase its production of electric cars as a way of recompense for the emissions scandal.