Collaboration is an important tool in any business in order to function efficiently day to day. As today’s teams work together more globally across timezones and continents, technology and collaborative tools have developed and evolved into something more modern to continue streamlining the way a business works. There is now a new environment for collaborating with your colleagues, which is so much more than just the products you use to achieve it.

Collaboration is a way of working that integrates people and processes, enabling them to work together across multiple devices in various locations, almost as if they are in the same room. Visual collaboration itself is not to be confused with video conferencing; while it can include this, collaborating visually is more than being able to see the other person on the screen.

What is visual collaboration?

There is so much software out there now and so many products that are all aimed towards making your day at the office simpler and enabling greater efficiency. Being able to collaborate easier with those outside the office, or even those in the same room, has a number of benefits for your business and how it performs day to day.

Visual collaboration often includes an interactive display complete with remote collaboration tools and video communication; all to help your workforce work more effectively together to complete tasks. It has been shown that people respond better to visual aspects as opposed to text; visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text for a start, and over half of us are visual learners.

Increase engagement

Visual collaboration is essentially a tool to help your workforce engage more with each other; to elevate communication and ensure a more personalised relationship between colleagues. A collaborative workspace provides a flexible environment for people to still achieve the same outcomes even if they are not in the same meeting room. The interactive display allows for files and documents to be shared and worked on by multiple people from different locations.

Having a visual collaboration solution in your office should encourage a more simplified workflow. By including the people who need to be involved via your collaboration system, they are able to keep up to speed on meetings and discussions in real time. This, in turn, should result in increased productivity amongst your staff.

Hopefully through adopting a collaborative approach when it is necessary, your customers will see an improvement. You can improve customer responsiveness by being able to cooperate in order to find the best possible solutions, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Mobile collaboration

As the use of mobile devices rapidly increases, so must solutions, to ensure these devices can be used effectively for different purposes. There is an increasingly mobile workforce emerging, with people constantly on the go or in remote locations from the main office. With features such as app integration, document sharing as well as security and video, mobile collaboration is an important tool to consider.

The ability to create virtual meetings for your team and create an engaging and innovative environment is one that could be integral to your company moving forward, from staff retention and the connection between your teams and customers.

By Thomas McKenna, Marketing Manager, Viju