By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

Just days after I renewed my broadband contract with BT I discover that Virgin Media is set to turn up the dial on its cable network, offering users speeds of up to 100 megabits per second.

It aims to provide the service to over 50% of the UK by mid-2012, beginning in December with 200,000 homes in London, the Home Counties and West Yorkshire.

So great news for the British Economy, I will not be moving and I will be taking my next 'break' in Yorkshire.

Neil Berkett chief executive of Virgin media said "The World of possibilities that broadband will enable is set to explode"/

Mr Berkett said "We are now in a world where people want the best connectivity with whatever screen they are using and those service providers that aren't able to deliver will simply be left behind".

I have to agree, I heard today that it is forecast that by just next March there will be more people signing into YouTube every day than using Google.

Now, all is not lost, as it seems that whilst Virgin Media is taking all the headlines, their rival, BT, my supplier, is planning to offer fibre optic broadband to 70% of the UK by 2012.

The bottom line: David Cameron supports this, as do I. He said "We want to see superfast broadband brought to peoples' homes and businesses right across the country"

Meanwhile, the majority of BT's next-generation broadband roll-out consists of so-called fibre-to-the-cabinet, which is initially delivering top speeds of around 40megabits per second.

Definitely up from the 7 megabits at second I get at home.

Watch a video of David White talking about Virgin Media Internet.

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