By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator Of PrPro And Owner Of Energy PR

My attention this month has been grabbed by a great campaign run by The British Heart Foundation. Through the really clever use of hard-man Vinnie Jones and the Bee Gees classic ‘stayin alive,’ it communicated the important message that people who are daunted about giving the kiss of life should simply concentrate on chest compressions when performing CPR – with the beat of the disco tune providing the perfect rhythm to follow.

The BHF campaign has all the ingredients. They have backed their activity up with a mix of other tools ranging from research, a media push, special web page, T-shirts, a mobile phone app, a Q&A with Vinnie, through to a petition to sign plus an option to buy the music and donate to charity. They also asked people to show their support by tweeting #hardandfast.

You may be reading this thinking there is nothing you can learn from this campaign – after all you haven’t got a celeb working on your side, massive budgets or a national cause to promote. However, there are lots of things about the BHF campaign that you can emulate in your PR this year:

1. Ensure, like the BHF campaign, you think through the different ‘content’ needs of the media (good photos, facts and figures, case studies, interview opportunities, research data, film footage, even music!)

2. Be wholehearted in your approach. The BHF campaign has a very clear single objective and they have gone for it with a real mix of tactics. Every aspect of the organisation is getting involved. How often does all of your business get involved in your PR?

3. Don’t forget social media channels. It costs very little (if not nothing) to create online polls, put film footage on YouTube, create and promote a hashtag

4. Don’t forget your website - ensure it is up to date and is supporting and reflecting your campaign activity

5. Remember that the bulk of the appeal of the BHF campaign is down to the creativity of the idea, not the fact Vinnie’s fronting it! You can be creative!

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