By Marcus Leach

George Osborne and David Cameron have, over the past months, repeatedly stressed the importance of entrepreneurs in the continued economic recovery.

In last month's budget Mr Osborne spoke of opening Britain's doors for business, and since then we have seen a raft of measure introduced all supporting the entrepreneur and making life easier for them.

In keeping with the entrepreneur focus this Friday, April 15th, is World Entrepreneurship Day (WED), a 24 hour world-wide celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. World Entrepreneurship Day aims to remind the world that it is entrepreneurs who have consistently led sluggish economies back to prosperity and growth through innovation and job creation.

In the latest of our video series we caught up with Ian Meiers and James Sleater of Cad & The Dandy, who both saw their redundancies from the banking world as a chance to start their own business, as they share their story.

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