By Marcus Leach

Despite recent data breaches and a slight increase in negative media centred around social media, it appears more than ever it is an essential tool for businesses.

Recent research by Protiviti had shown that one in six (17%) UK employees consider social networking such as Facebook and LinkedIn a major risk to corporate security.

However, delegates at Cass Business School, attending Fresh Business Thinking Live! were quick to rubbish such a notion, agreeing that whilst there are certain negatives to social media, they are far outweighed by the positives.


The true power of social media has become apparent during the last couple of years. On websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, manageable incidents can turn into major crises if not responded to in a timely and appropriate manner. Mishandled social media situations, often widely reported in the traditional media, demonstrate the potential risk to corporate reputations.

However, if social media is managed properly there is no doubting its power.

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