By Max Clarke

95% of people do not think that the Chancellor has completely met his objective of delivering a ‘Budget for Growth’, a new poll has revealed.

The poll of 614 respondents, conducted by accountancy firm RSM Tenon immediately following the announcement, found that nearly half of all respondents were undecided as to whether he had delivered on his promise, and would be waiting for the dust to settle before making a final decision. A further 27% said that they thought George Osborne hadn’t presented the Budget he’d promised, whilst 22% said he had to some degree. Only five per cent of people that took part in the survey said they thought that George Osborne had delivered the Budget he said he would.

Fresh Business Thinking found similar disappointment from members of the public when we took to the streets with our camera, as the video below demonstrates.

”It is interesting that there is an equal amount of skepticism and confidence emerging from people about the Budget, and the Chancellor will be disappointed to see this”, said Andrew Hubbard, Chair of Tax at RSM Tenon.

”Confidence is key to economic growth, and there’s no doubt the Chancellor has made businesses the focus of the Budget in order to drive the economy forward. We welcome the doubling of entrepreneurs’ relief, and particularly the changes to EIS which should encourage investment into businesses.

”As they stand, the EIS rules are very complicated and often put businesses off. Simplifying the scheme rules would seem to me to be an easy win for the Chancellor and we wait to see whether he will adopt the recommendations contained in the OTS report.”

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