Marcus Leach, Fresh Business Thinking: We're here at Cranfield University for the 2011 Venture Day for entrepreneurs, investors and those interested in the world of entrepreneurialism.

Sarah Daw, Managing Director, The FD Centre:

I'm here because firstly it's a great resource for entrepreneurs, to hear about what other entrepreneurs are doing and also to get access to new ideas, how to fund their businesses that sort of thing. Equally the business growth programme that Cranfields puts on is fabulous for younger businesses to go through and really get strategic intervention into their business.

Steve Unwin, Partner, Fry Heath and Spence LLP:

It's certainly been inspirational and it's very interesting to hear the different takes on what is good for start up businesses and who should be thinking of starting up businesses and also the shift these days away from the concentration just on the financial aspect but looking at the social and the green and environmental aspect of the business.

Phil Scofield, Managing Director,Crystal Vision Ltd:

I came on the BGP (Business Growth and Development Programme) course in 2006, it was useful to be with other people who had companies of my sort of size and I come here to top up the enthusiasm and see if there's any ideas to be had.

Rob Cave, Director, Kilriver Capital:

I think some of the stories, you come to these things for the stories. I know in the room that there are lots of entrepreneurs who have either started businesses and sold them or started businesses and are still running them and there's tonnes of experience and that's really what you are coming here for.

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