By Melanie Dawson, Marketing Coordinator, Sage UK Limited

A couple of years ago we started to launch our YouTube SageUKOfficial videos, to provide our customers with simple straight talking business advice, short demos and case studies. In other words … real business issues for real business people.

At the heart of our business is our customers and we need to engage with them, not only to find out how they deal with day to day business issues, but in turn offer advice to people just starting out or in similar situations.

Our videos are not designed to ‘sell, sell, sell’ and are simply used to help offer business advice.

I had no idea how the videos would be received, or whether they would be engaging to our customers, but I embarked upon collecting a selection of video footage covering different business scenarios initially and took it from there.

Here’s a few of my suggestions from my YouTube creation experiences.

1. You need to be able to promote the videos in some manner, as business videos aren’t as watchable as Celebrity or funny videos that are re-posted on Facebook. I generally found that, if we were sending out email marketing to customers, then a video seemed to have much more engagement than being picked up by general search tags.

2. Pick topics that you feel will be of interest to others, you’re not the one watching, so unless it’s of interest to others, no-one will be watching.

3. Make it short and snappy. Long videos lose interest quickly, unless they are instructional, no-one will watch a 5 minute video about your product. 2 minutes is about the max, the shorter the better and more likely to be watched to the end.

4. Get your tags right. Tagging a video with search words will certainly help your video get picked up on general searches. Try to tag your video with words you believe people will search on to find your business or hot topics.

5. You don’t have to do loads and loads of video content to promote your business. You could just create a short promo video if that’s all you need.

6. Try to get some customer testimonials on video, it’s much better for potential customers to hear from someone who’s already used your service. You can then embed your videos on YouTube into your website to promote them, if you wish.

Remember, it’s not a science and some videos will work better than others. Keep an eye on which videos tend to get the most hits. Ask yourself, is this due to the content, length or tags or something else? This will then help you decide on which path to take when making new content in the future. Why not take a look at our Sage YouTube channel, there are lots of videos full of advice and guidance on starting and growing your business.

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