By Ben Weiner, CEO, Conjungo

The iPad was by some initially seen as an adjunct to the iPhone whereby although it was a potential business tool, it was sometimes seen as a ‘gadget’. Initially, some would maintain that it was creating a new market rather than fulfilling an existing one. This of course created the debate, tablet computer, notebook, ultraportable or laptop? Which was the best for you and your organisation?

Of course when upgrading to a new system, the key drivers are the applications available on those devices. Naturally, there are many different upgrades that you could try for your business to increase profitability and keep your sales force effective and efficient. Business mobility solutions applications can generally be installed on both an iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows based devices.

Mobility is key these days and the use of laptops and other mobile devices to communicate with the office, customers and to access and download files.

Many business owners might think that just because they already have a notebook computer or similar that it doesn’t make sense to upgrade their business mobility solutions and business applications to a tablet computer. With consumer devices crossing over to business applications, managers and business owners are faced with the decision about adopting new mobile systems and business mobility solutions to increase revenues, margins and productivity.

So, when considering potentially purchasing a new device, there a number of key points that needs to be addressed:

- Will it be secure? It will potentially be storing and accessing confidential data?

- Can it be protected from viruses and other forms of malware?

- Does it have the business mobility solutions that meet your company’s requirements?

The case for which mobile solution is complex and fraught with issues even beyond those points raised above. Tablet computers have the benefit of being extremely portable and lightweight, but then so do many ultraportable notebooks. Will it not only meet your current requirements but be able to be upgraded in the future?

Tablet computers have been a massive hit not only with consumers but with businesses too. Many have had applications written specifically for their company. There is no doubt that they are an invaluable tool, even for laggards like me! I’ve gone from being a cynic to a massive proponent of such technology. To be able to have the benefits of a smart phone with the power and flexibility of a PC in one small package is a major benefit to me. Presentations, emails and dare I say books, films and other media can be held on a single, easy to use and easy to view device.

But, and there is a but……..be absolutely sure because while there may be an overlap in functionality between tablets and other portable PC’s, you may well find that you will need both simply because the extra functionality that notebooks can give. Of course given the budget you can have both but be sure before you buy.

Worth reading this article. It highlights the issues of not preparing or being unsure of whether a tablet is the right device for your organisation moving forward. Take heed!

For more information to help you decide which system is best for you: www.conjungo.com/technology/personal-computing