By Max Clarke

Userful today kicked off its hardware and software partnership with DisplayLink by demonstrating the simplicity of making a Universal USB Docking Station with DisplayLink USB virtual graphics inside into an additional computer station. Using a dock, keyboard, monitor and mouse with an existing notebook, netbook or PC and the Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011 software, any system can now quickly be turned into two.

Additionally, Userful is offering all existing DisplayLink technology-enabled USB docking station customers a free two user version of the MultiSeat Linux 2011 software. The software can be installed as a dual boot, enabling customers to use it without overwriting their existing Windows system. More information about the promotion can be obtained from

Today, in another release, DisplayLink and Userful announced a technology partnership that will allow schools to deploy large numbers of Linux-based computer stations in the classroom for very low cost. Working in conjunction with DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology, the Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011 software turns one Linux-based computer into up to 11 high-performance independent computer stations, ultimately giving students the features and computing experience of a full PC, but at a fraction of the cost.

“In the past you had to open the PC and add extra video cards to make it multi user ready,” said Tim Griffin, President of Userful. “Now you can simply plug in USB devices. And with this giveaway, anyone with a DisplayLink docking station can now share their computer, turning it into two, in a way doubling the value of their PC. We're hoping that this offer will raise awareness of the high performance and ease of use of shared resource computing on Linux platforms.”