By Daniel Hunter

With America expected to dominate the official Olympic Medal table, Tweetsport today (Tuesday) named the USA as the Top Team for Tweets ahead of London 2012.

Analysing the 100 most popular official accounts for athletes competing at the Games that feature on Tweetsport, they announced USA had claimed the Nation top spot with 19 million followers and US Basketball star Lebron James was Top Twit with 5 million.

“Ten days to go and we are getting in the spirit of the competition with our Tweetsport Olympic Top 10s which are based on our own ‘faster, higher, stronger,’ measure for success which is ‘followers, funnier, official,’ said founder Eilidh Donaldson. “USA winning isn’t a surprise but Lebron’s numbers are staggering. He is virtually a country in his own right; in fact he would have been second.”

The Top Olympic Sports, based on the highest number of followers for a single athlete, saw James’ Basketball beat out Serena’s Tennis and Chelsea’s Juan Mata’s Football for the Gold. Athletics, Cycling and Diving completed the top six.

“Mainstream sports were always likely to win but diving’s position shows the impact of one successful inspirational individual like Tom Daley. That being said this isn’t highly scientific, the top spots owe a lot to six packs and tight sportswear as well as sporting prowess I’m sure.”

The first Social Olympics will allow fans to show support for their countries and heroes even if they are not at the stadiums. “People really showed the love for Andy Murray after his recent emotional appearance at Wimbledon. His numbers got a boost and that is why he is our Team GB No 1 Twit.”

“Footballers from the Beckham-less squad claim 2 of the top 10 spots, there would have been more but the other players’ accounts did not meet the criteria for ‘interesting’ #epicfail #toomanynandos”

Eilidh created Tweetsport for moments like London 2012. “The whole ethos of Tweetsport is to take users to the heart of the action in the company of their sporting icons. We will provide an access all areas pass to the Games without the need for Olympics lanes or security checks. Frisbees are allowed for our spectators, however not recommended as you might drop your phone.”

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