Grant Thornton UK LLP is launching its Vibrant Economy agenda to encourage the nation to join them in stimulating discussion, ideas and solutions that will unlock our full potential and help bridge this £479 billion potential gap.

Sacha Romanovitch, CEO of Grant Thornton, said: “Today’s research has revealed significant potential across the UK. We believe that addressing at root some of the UK’s fundamental social and economic challenges collaboratively can create vibrant cities and communities across the UK, where businesses and people can flourish.

“Grant Thornton is today beginning an 18 month long, nationwide Inquiry into what it will take to build a vibrant economy. We want to use the combined knowledge of our company, our clients and our networks to bring people and organisations together to develop the ideas and partnerships on which a vibrant economy will be built.”

Grant Thornton has identified three areas where it believes it can make the most impact in shaping a vibrant economy. These are areas of credibility and strength for the firm, where its skills, connections, expertise and knowledge provide a great opportunity to contribute to sustainable growth. These areas have been identified as:

  1. Building trust and integrity in markets.
  1. Unlocking sustainable growth in dynamic organisations.
  1. Creating environments where businesses and people flourish.