By Max Clarke

Findings from a survey into employee attitudes and engagement in corporate sustainability revealed 50% of employees see opportunities to reduce unnecessary cost and waste on a daily basis, but only a third are ever asked to contribute to its reduction.

The report, entitled Employee Engagement - White Paper:
why it matters to the bottom line
was comissioned by CloudApps, a leading provider of sustainability & energy efficiency solutions.

Increasing energy and waste disposal costs are rapidly growing in significance for all organizations, but almost half of those polled (48%) said they had not participated in any sustainability projects in the last year, perhaps explaining why 13% of organizations were exposed as having publicly stated sustainability targets they do not report against.

Employees see this having a negative impact on their business. Almost all, 94% of participants, think it important for their organisation to be the market leader on sustainability and nearly half (44%) of respondents stated that they would even consider changing jobs if they felt that their organization was not operating in a sustainable fashion.

The main barrier cited against adopting properly enforced sustainability initiatives was a lack of time, indicating that sustainability initiatives need to be incorporated into the daily work routine in order to succeed, rather than being implemented in addition to other priorities or outside of designated working hours.

“The study results detail a shocking void between what organizations say and what they do. Sustainability is clearly important to employees, who want to contribute their experience and knowledge towards corporate sustainability goals. Nearly half at least claim they will ‘vote with their feet’ and this threat will become more real as the economy recovers.” said Simon Wheeldon, CEO at CloudApps.

CloudApps sustainability solution integrates best practices into everyday work schedules, so employees can contribute cost savings ideas using a constantly updating a desktop-resident assistant, like a Google Gadget or Twitter-feed, on their corporate desktops to meet their personal sub-goals, which are in turn rolled up into the corporate targets.

Wheeldon added: “Our customers are reporting an average of 10% cost savings from energy and waste costs, but are finding you cannot top-slice these efficiencies, they need to come from the bottom-up, right across the business. Employees are screaming out at business leaders to take action. It is something employees clearly want to do and installing CloudApps provides a clear message that management is ‘walking the walk’ on sustainability. ”