By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and Owner of Energy PR

One of the key things most businesses want to communicate is their expertise. Happily the media loves experts too, indeed some consumer magazines and newspapers plus the majority of regional magazines, business and sector media carry features written by them.

So how do you secure these opportunities? The trick is to come up with ideas that are topical or important in your sphere and then ‘pitch them’ to your media. The type of expert piece you pitch will often be intrinsically linked to who your expert is. For instance:

- If the feature is a broad look at burning trends in your sector (a sort of thought leadership/opinion piece) it could come from your MD or business owner. This will have considerable appeal to the trade media – as it’s flattering to know that senior people in their industry are taking time out to pen articles for them.

- If the subject is more technical, the article’s author should be your resident expert in that field. For instance if your business is a firm of accountants and you are selling in to a general business magazine a piece on ‘the challenge of funding mergers or acquisitions’, it may be your firm’s senior partner who manages acquisition work.

- If you are a garden design company and you have sold in a feature to your local newspaper on ‘how to revamp your garden on a budget’ it may be the company’s founder or head garden designer (if you have one) who writes the piece.

- If your firm manufactures packaging and you’re offering a feature to the packaging trade press on ‘how green is green packaging’, it will probably be most appropriate for your head of development/technical head to write the piece.

- If your business is a hairdressing salon and you’re commenting on the most popular US celebrity styles, it will be natural for your head stylist to write the piece.

These examples are off the top of my head – but it’s not hard to come up with ideas of your own. Simply sit down with the technical or business experts in your company plus the most original thinkers and kick around topics that they think are the hot issues of the moment. Get your imaginations and that all-important expertise flowing!

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