By Thomas Eason

It has not been possible, until now, to be able to communicate with web browsers by video or audio on your own website. OhHi have introduced a new piece of technology that allows any web owner to start online video and audio conversations with browsers of their website without the need to download any software.

This changes the shoppers online experience as it changes a one dimensional experience for the customer into a two dimensional one. Now if you have a question you can actually talk to someone online who can answer it. If you have a problem with a particular product, talk face to face with a member of the customer services team. Do you want to talk to a doctor online and receive health advice, well now you can.

Do you advertise online? If you do, why not embed a link that sends potential customers straight to a member of your sales team using our video software. This will drive online sales in new and dynamic ways.

OhHi are the company behind the incredibly successful website that allows you to talk to "A" list celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez.