By Marcus Leach

Union leaders have said that there are plans for a widespread campaign of industrial action over government plans for public sector pensions.

Initially it had been believed that there would be a single day of action, however, according to the BBC the action will be more sustained, with potential strikes involving millions of workers.

However, the government believe the general public will soon become fed up with the strike action if it is unnecessary.

A senior union spokesman said that a single day of strike action will not suffice in getting the message across.

"The idea that we will have a one-day dispute, marching around town with a few flags... ain't going to do it," he told the BBC.

In reply to the question 'will there be more than one day of strikes?' the spokesperson said there would be.

"In some areas there will be two or three days. In other areas it will be continuous. In other areas it will be a rolling programme," he said.

"There are lists that are being drawn up of targeted areas."

The strikes are in response to government pension changes, that will see an increase in contributions, despite millions of workers still seeing pay freezes.

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