By Max Clarke

63% of employers identify spelling and grammatical errors to be the most common mistake to find on a CV, a new survey has found.

The survey found that despite widespread awareness that deficient spelling is simply unacceptable within a CV; the majority of employers surveyed regularly encountered considerable errors.

The poll from, asked 1000 employers what the most common CV mistake to see was, revealing that in addition to poor English, 1 in 4 of employers feel that a CV’s second biggest mistake is including too much information rather than an applicant’s failing to tailor a CV application or not selling themselves well enough.

“A few years ago, an applicant’s biggest down-fall was not tailoring their CV to the specific role that they were applying for,” said Tony Wilmot, founder of

“Now, applicants are aware of the necessities of personalising their entry and have completely sidelined the importance of the English language. To employers this looks lazy and careless, which is the exact opposite of what you look for in a future employee.”

Employers surveyed listed examples of where applicants had failed to accurately structure sentences and use traditional English grammar.

Most common errors were where applicants struggled with the use of: you’re and your; it’s and its; have and of; accept and except; yourself and you.

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