By Jonathan Davies

The UK's entrepreneurs are calling for a host of measures to be introduced to help boost the country's tech startup industry.

The Startup Manifesto, signed by more than 150 entrepreneurs, calls for tax breaks for those volunteering to teach how to code, a legal framework for bitcoin, investment in the computing curriculum, better visas rules, better internet provision and a better Information Commissioner.

The ambitious manifesto was written by Guy Levin, former economic advisor to George Osborne, and published by the Coadec coalition that is sponsored by Google, TechHub, iHorizon and Intuit.

The 24-point Startup Manifesto calls on policymakers to make investment in surperfast broadband a priority in the digital space. The entrepreneurs also want it to be easier to hire the best international candidates by streamlining visas for entrepreneurs and graduates.

The Startup Manifesto argues that the Information Commissioner's Office has struggled to keep up with the changes in regulation in recent years, and requires greater investment to be a relevant and useful body.

It also demands the committment to keep the Government Digital Service (GDS), which has relaunched many online government services recently.

Investor Saul Klein of Index Ventures, said: The potential of technology policy in Whitehall is exemplified by GDS, and that kind of open approach to technology can help the industry and the government address challenges through a transformative, open dialogue.

Labour’s business secretary Chuka Umunna MP welcomed the manifesto. “We want to see more people starting up, leading and working in business and the creation of high-skilled, better-paid jobs,” he said. “Britain’s burgeoning digital economy has a huge role to play in meeting both of these challenges, and that’s why Coadec’s manifesto is right to emphasise the importance of digital startups as well as the need to foster digital skills.”

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